Ibadan, Nigeria


The third most populous city in Nigeria after Lagos and Kano is Ibadan. It is the capital of Oyo State, Nigeria.  Geographically it is the country’s largest city. The main inhabitants of the city are Yorubas and various communities from other parts of the country.

Major Attractions:

Enjoy a culturally rich experience by heading straight to the city of Ibadan.

  • The University of Ibadan Zoo

It ranks among the best zoos in Nigeria and has a healthy population of animals like monkeys, snakes, birds and lions. There are also lots of fun activities like sightseeing, hiking, taking selfies with animals.

  • Mapo Hall

Do not miss the colonial style building near Bere Market in Ibadan.  Get awestruck by the unique pillars of the building and the general structure.

  • Agodi Gardens

Agodi Garden is the best destination for anyone looking to get away from the bustling life of the city. The main attractions here are restaurants, water parks and play grounds.

  • The Old Oyo National Park

The park is a shelter to endangered African wild dog, lion, western kob, roan antelope and buffalo. Here tourists can enjoy an exceptional experience to stay close with the nature. 

Hotels in Ibadan

  • Adis Hotels Ibadan- The hotel is situated in serene location in New Bodija. The guests are taken care of with unexceptional service.
  • SDM Tavern Hotel- Located in a serene area of Agodi GRA,  the Hotel provides comfort and convenience at an affordable price.
  • La Maison Hotel and Suite- The hotel features air conditioning and free Wi-Fi and also provides guests with a restaurant.

Restaurants in Ibadan

Ibadan has one of the finest restaurants where you can have the feel of the city and its cuisine.

  • Café chrysalis- Here you get a feeling of being at home and enjoy mouth-watering varieties of cuisine.
  • Kokodome- It is a household name that has retained its unique spot as premier entertainment centre for centuries.

Famous foods in Ibadan

  • Lafun and ewedu : Made from cassava flour and vegetables
  • Moin-moin and eko : Made from beans and corn respectively
  • Snails : Made with pepper and onions
  • Rice: Most popular is the ofada rice

Ibadan Travel Info

The city is well connected with a network of buses and shared cars. Also you can hire a private cab.