Ibadan, Nigeria


The beautiful city and the capital of the country Nigeria, Ibadan is built on seven hills. 


The city of Ibadan experiences a lengthy wet season while the temperature stays relatively constant throughout the year. With an average temperature of 30.8°C and 21.5°C during the summers and winters respectively, the city has a tropical wet and dry climate. 

People and Religions 

The city spread over an area of 3,080 square kilometres is the largest city in Nigeria. A population of 3,034,200 people makes Ibadan the third most populous city in the country. Islam and Christianity are the most commonly practiced religions in Ibadan. 


English, Efik, Pidgin, Edo, Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba are some of the many languages spoken in Ibadan. 

For The Greedy Gut 

  • Whimpy's: The restaurant has a great quality of food, fast service and a wide range of Desserts to choose from. The restaurant is a good option for the seafood, Chinese and Lebanese cuisine.

  • Martha's: This restaurant with the help of its sparkling ambience, great food selection and eye-catching decor has managed to carve a place for itself among the top restaurants of Ibadan. 

Major Attractions 

  • Agodi Gardens: The place is a good choice to spend some time with your family and friends. Swimming pool, leisure stroll, carousel ride, donkeys for donkey ride and a couple of animals in cages make this place even more fun to visit. 

  • UI Zoo: The large variety of animals, clean grounds and super-friendly caretakers are actually impressive. The detailed description of each animal in the zoo helps one to know them in a better way. 

  • Bower's Tower: The locals know this place by the name of “Oke Layipo”. The place makes a great picnic spot. The view of the entire city of Ibadan from the tower is actually breath-taking and no less than a visual treat in itself.